Ensuring the soundness of an ecosystem, safeguarding biodiversity is the starting point for ensuring the stability of an environmental condition, essential support for human life, in all its forms and needs.


Caring about what is not seen is sometimes more important than what is. Pushing it further is PROMOADV's prerogative, and this is also evident from the love for what goes beyond the visible.
The choice of materials, from the smallest fiber or polymer, from surface treatment to natural products, it is vital to achieve a “green” outcome, binding target for a sustainable development philosophy.


A quality output is the result of the combination of sophisticated materials such as sintered or antistatic metals, or composites loaded with natural, recyclable and biocompatible fibers, resulting from the transformation of raw materials such as potato, maize starch, sugar cane or hemp. For PROMOADV this would be part of the past while forwarding to the future, still unexplored by competitors. What it does is, then, creating a link between the past and the future, represented by a bridge, that of technology. Innovative products such as nanotechnologies embedded in the production archive, eco materials that include partial replacement of oil, considered as a blend that has to be partially replaced by the new use of natural fibers, such as milk fibers, bamboo fibers or soy and corn. The final outcome is that of a real revolution that sees PROMOADV as the main character, as today it has 70% of eco materials used in its design and then in its production.