HQ and contractors

Here’s some numbers that make clear the idea of PROMOADV’s operation in the world: 7 HQs and 7 controlled contractors, a 99 country presence and 450 exhibition attended every year.


PROMOADV felt necessary a wider territory dislocation, in order to reach an excellent final result and provide clients with a maximized service. For this reason the Group is present throughout the globe with 7 HQs, three of which in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Rome), one in the UK (London), one in France (Paris), one in the USA (New York) and one in Japan (Tokyo). PROMOADV directly controls 7 contractors with head offices in South Africa (Johannesburg), in the UAE (Dubai), in the South-East Asia (Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong) and in Russia (Moscow).


This company relocation allows the Group to have a direct in loco control of the productive process. This implies an excellent rendition, because it is possible to find, everywhere in the world, a office close to the clients that this way feel always supported by PROMOADV.
The places where there are no HQs or contractors are the ones in which, for different reasons, there are no exhibitions, so there is no demand. PROMOADV does not operate in the Middle East, more precisely in the war zone, in some of the Central Africa countries and in some the Central-Americas republics.
In the rest of the world, PROMOADV is present, with its HQs and its contractors, in which the group’s excellence is clear, with a highly qualified staff and the assurance of always finding staff members that speak the local language.