PROMOADV aims to Comunicate through spaceâ„¢. Not narrowed to the mere construction of temporary works, PROMOADV designs for his clients a customized format of integrated communication, which emphasizes the image in the available space.


Thanks to 7 HQ located in Europe, USA and Japan and 7 controlled contractors, located in the South-East Asia, South Africa, UAE and Russia, PROMOADV enhances the brand of more than 16.000 clients, which translate in more than 200.000 sqm designed every year.
The ability of anticipating times, the primary role given to the client, the care for details and its wide offer, far superior to its competitors’ one, make PROMOADV an all-round company.


The evolutionary process hasn’t caught PROMOADV off guard that on the contrary, taking advantage from the lack of versatility of the competitors offers, has refined its process, already superior, but now, more than ever, unrivaled.
The Group’s body, with its independent location and highly qualified staff, allows PROMOADV to penetrate the social fabric and guarantee everywhere and everytime, a high level of optimization. The details, manically cared during every stage, take a pivotal relevance if considered as a device maximum customization.
PROMOADV is a success story. A success that is dematerialized every single time it has been reached, because the finish line can also be a limit and only from the very start it’s possible to set a clear sight on the targets.