The PROMOADV Group ensures that all users use the most suitable tools for sensitive data protection and ensures their confidentiality.

Type of information and their use

Users of this web site may be required sensitive data for various events, such as quotation requests, resumes, subscriptions to newsletters, and so forth.
Generally collected information is: name, surname, company name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and customer code.
The cataloging of this data has the following purposes:

Gathering mode

Users will be informed if the data required for them will be required to access the service or for other purposes. In this case, entering information is optional.
The PROMOADV Group in order to improve the service offered online and provide ad hoc solutions to the visitor, uses the "cookies" to collect user news for the following purposes:

"Cookies" are information strings generated by the web site and stored into the visitor's computer. These strings are exchanged again with the site at the next visit. The content in the "cookie" is not "sensitive"; the same does not allow identifying a private entity directly.
Acceptance or refusal of "cookies" is charged to the browser used for navigation and user-selectable settings. However, you can delete cookies stored on your computer by deleting the contents of the "Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files" folders.
The PROMOADV Group, at the sole administrative purposes of the web site, will handle IP addresses. This method allows you to have summary news about the connections.

Access to information

The PROMOADV Group is the sole owner of the sensitive collected data. These will not be sold to other companies. Personal information collected can only be shared with the partner companies of the Group with the sole purpose of providing the best possible service to the user and fulfilling what is agreed upon. Sensitive data collected will be protected from theft, loss, cancellation, alteration, and fraudulent consultation.
If changes to the content of this website or the technology on which it relies concern the subject of this treaty, it will be readily reviewed.
The PROMOADV Group does not guarantee, as in the previous lines, the links to other sites within this web site. It is therefore advisable for users to verify how their sensitive data is handled by external websites that are referenced in the PROMOADV Group one.

Other information

For any kind of request regarding this scope - such as blocking, modifying, or integrating the provided data - we invite you to contact the following e-mail address: privacy[at]promoadv.net