Communicate through space™ means to design and create the best solutions to raise the brand awareness and give value to the fair attendance. Make the space the perfect vehicle for concepts and philosophies, reflection of the vision behind every individual, organization or company.


PROMOADV deconstructs the fair’s attendance management and recompose it, enriching it of new and exclusive services, winning The challenge of space and time™ and giving clients an unprecedented centrality.
PROMOADV configuring as a global company, wants to guide the brand’s growth and development, this is why it offers a wide range of solutions, created to enhance the image of every client.


Giving space a superior meaning to the one modern society provides, PROMOADV deprives it of its usual limiting sense, being able to give tangibility to ideas.
This result is achieved by giving emphasis to the single individual, so freeing from the classical corporate ways of dealing with clients, preferring instead a “One2One” approach that allows a wider targets analysis.
From the carefulness that every brand requires, PROMOADV aims to go beyond the mere concept of “fair preparation”, which is now an outdated concept exceeded by the multiplicity of the client’s needs.
PROMOADV refined processes and structures, evolving to better suits the paradigms of a new world that appeal more to the single individual than the multitude.
Communicate through space™ becomes, thanks to the central role given to the client, synonymous of individuality and originality.