Working in PROMOADV

Finishing lines that take the shape of a lasting success. This is the idea that made the Beatles great and that PROMOADV has made its own. Passion, talent and desire to get involved are the key features of each resource. These, in PROMOADV, serve larger goals, only achievable through an accurate teamwork.


The Fab Four have come together to give birth to one of the greatest musical and cultural revolutions, all of them aware of being extremely different, having opposite characteristics, coming from opposing musical ambitions, but making this their strength.
PROMOADV’s model is exactly this, pulling the best out of each individual, making it an inexhaustible source of potential, from which taking only the best and merge it with the best part of the others.


What matters is the path leading to the ultimate goal set daily by every PROMOADV team, which has chosen the Beatles as a model of ethics of responsibility.
For the four Liverpool boys, in fact, the final product was greater than the sum of the parts. Starting from here and taking full advantage of everyone’s potential, we have come to today's well-known global success.
That’s how PROMOADV operates. The work team, in fact, is made up of highly qualified people who have legislative, economic and marketing skills. Just as the Beatles anticipated times, revolutionizing the rules of music, PROMOADV has certainly begun the same revolution in its industry by executing a split-off of its body into seven independent and delocalized units, adopting a "Lean Organization", with the aim of reducing waste, increasing the efficiency of each production process.