Our commitment

Quality, Safety and Reliability are three values that distinguish PROMOADV from its competitors, but also three assurances that allow the client to choose the Group without hesitation.


The path is the pattern around which PROMADV's work takes shape. The process begins with the selection of qualified employees, employing significant resources in human capital formation, to reach what is the center of each project: the client. He is the cornerstone around which every single detail revolves and is essential in order to achieve the ultimate goal: an emotional masterpiece aimed at achieving long-term success.


Thanks to a highly qualified staff that takes care of everything that is needed for the client, pre and post-production, without leaving anything behind, there is the beginning of a perfect process that culminates with the growth of the client himself. He projects himself from a small and medium-sized entrepreneurship to a larger one, achieving a significant image-level growth. On the other hand, larger companies are the result of a path that has seen them being small at first and then medium. Love for the details is the same for any type of business; this is the "quid" that makes PROMOADV an industry leader. The heart of the company is penetrated, fully capturing its specific needs and objectives. So, in order to get the maximum customer’s satisfaction, as well as the dedication in the choice of every individual employee there is a profound care in the choice of the supplier, which is selected according to specific standards. These are the environment’s respect, the protection of it, the use of green technologies, and not only. PROMOADV’s providers also carefully consider the country's ethics and respect for the fundamental rights of their employees.