Where we operate

99 Countries, 7 HQs and 7 controlled contractors; PROMOADV expanded its borders, from Europe, to Asia, to the USA. Expanding means to always aim for the best, maximizing yield and creating everywhere a final output of excellent quality.


A capillary tissue, a constantly expanding frame that touches distant spaces in order to acquire the maximum efficiency thanks to the in loco presence of the PROMOADV team, represented by a highly qualified staff that always operates respecting the host country ethics. The offices relocation allows PROMOADV to have a support represented by the local staff, such as architects and engineers that operates protecting the place’s culture, catching every territory’s shades.


PROMOADV chooses to stand out from its competitors also in the relocation of its offices.
This is not something to be taken lightly, but a focal point, determinant when it comes to the work quality’s guarantee.
The presence on 99 countries makes a detailed and careful assistance possible, wherever the client is. Every local unit, being part of the Group is, in fact, directly involved in the client commercial and operative’s management, because the partnership requires answers on different levels. Therefore, PROMOADV’s on loco presence is essential.
The Group draws itself in a multitude of stand-alone local units, some sort of city-state headed by the same business company. This means that the same quality and the same excellence can be found everywhere in the world. PROMOADV multiplies to always provide the best possible outcome.