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Why a cookie disclosure?

All Italian sites are legally obligated to inform their users about cookies and to request authorization for their use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are information entered on your browsers when you visit a website or use a social network from your PC, smartphone or tablet. Each cookie contains several data such as the name of the server you are from, a numeric identifier, and so on. Cookies can remain in the system for the length of a session (until the web browser is used to surf the web) or for long periods and may contain a unique identifier.

What the cookies are used for?

Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session tracking, and storage of specific information about users accessing a web page. These cookies, the so-called technical cookies, are often useful, because they can make navigation and the use of the web fast and easy, because they facilitate certain procedures when making online purchases, when you authenticate to restricted access areas or when a website automatically recognizes the language that is usually in use.
A particular kind of cookies, called analytics, is then used by website managers to gather aggregated information about the number of users and how they visit the site in order to elaborate general statistics on the service and its use.
Profiling cookies can instead be used to track and profiling users while browsing, studying their web browsing movements and habits (what they buy, what they are reading and so on), also for the purpose of posting service advertisements targeted and customized (the so-called Behavioral Advertising).
Third-party cookies are cookies sent to your computer by other websites that run content on the page you are viewing. They come from ads of other websites that are displayed on the currently displayed website, such as banners, images, and videos.

Option to navigate without cookies

By browsing on promoadv.net you have agreed upon the use of cookies. We remind you that you can always remove them by setting up your browser so that cookies are rejected.
Third-party cookies are generally not necessary to navigate, so you can refuse them through specific browser features. The "Do Not Track" option is present in most of the latest generation browsers. Web sites designed to comply with this option, when activated, should automatically stop collecting some of your navigation data. As mentioned, however, not all websites are set up to comply with this (discretionary) option. With the "anonymous navigation" option you can navigate without leaving a trace in the navigation data browser.
However, anonymous navigation does not guarantee anonymity on the Internet because it only serves not to keep your navigation data in the browser, but your navigation data will remain available to web site managers and connectivity providers. To delete cookies directly, there are special features in all of the browsers. Remember, however, that new cookies are downloaded on every Internet connection, so the deletion operation should be performed periodically. Some browsers offer automated systems for periodically erasing cookies.
For more information about configuring your browser for cookie control, visit www.aboutcookies.org

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