Ethical code

The leitmotiv that vibrates in the PROMOADV’s philosophy is in the name of the respect for the environment, as well as for all the staff members. The importance of respect for others is at the heart of the daily activities.


A production to be recognized at the highest level must have the basic prerequisites that aim at the respect for the client, the employee and the environment. PROMOADV is committed to several fronts. The customer is the focus around which the employee's expertise and love for the environment turn assisted by the search for bio and eco materials coming from the most refined scientific research.


As a detail-conscious Group, aware that it's the slightest particular that makes things great, a key code is adopted in order to keep PROMOADV’s value untouched. The adopted ethics is dotted with the criteria of adequacy and the principles of a respectful conduct toward the other, of what takes shape around the work produced, which is fundamental to it. The path, which is of primary importance inside the Group, begins with the choice of biodegradable, alternative and natural material dictated by a young and contemporary ideology. It proceeds with the use of nanotechnologies in the name of a green production. The respect for the ecosystem develops itself in infinite details, such as the scrupulous study behind the use of the most advanced sustainable technologies. The last, but not least important, step in this smart assembly line, is the sustainable disposal and recovery of waste. As in any of its activities, PROMOADV has fully taken on the importance of making every single object and person an inexhaustible source of enrichment, so it also exploits the potential, with a view to a green economy, of waste products derived from material processing.