Not just initials and numbers, but codes that translate PROMOADV's certainty and transparency. Certifications that clearly communicate the Group’s modus operandi, in the name of transparency and compliance with the norms that outline the guidelines for the proper conduct of the business work.


Behind these numbers and these acronyms lie the precision and the attention with which all the work in PROMOADV is carried out.
ISO 9001 gives high technical value, SOA ensures qualification for tenders, ISO 14001 certifies environmental management standards and SA 8000 the corporate social responsibility.
The importance of all this is for the sake of an exclusive outcome.


ISO defines a set of guidelines that state the requirements for the implementation of a quality management system, in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the output’s completion and the service delivering, obtaining and increasing, at the same time, the customer satisfaction. In particular, ISO 9001 is the reference regulation for the quality control of the production process, starting from the definition of clients’ requirements, reaching up to the monitoring of the entire production process. This certification delivers high technical value to every step of the business, ensuring quality at the end of each production cycle. The certifications owned by PROMOADV also concern the environment that always requires a particular care. The norm that marks this concept is the ISO 14001, which is an effective environmental management certification. Noteworthy is the voluntary aspect of this certification. In fact, it is not obligatory but is freely adhered to by the company that decides to establish or maintain such an environmental management system. The attention towards the employee, who must be protected at work, is guaranteed by the SA 8000 certification. Workers' rights are protected, respecting safety during working hours and siding against the exploitation of minors. A final, compulsory, proof of the company's economic and technical capacity is the SOA. This establishes the existence, in the executives of public works, of qualification’s elements or compliance with the requirements of the UE provisions about the qualification of public works contractors. It is therefore attested the participation in tenders for the execution of public biddings.