In the ever-changing scenario of digital information #Beyond is the ideal connection vehicle between PROMOADV and his clients (or prospects), in order to make them part of the relevant topics amongst the Group.

Born with the purpose of discussing every news that may affect reality, #Beyond takes advantage of the digital publishing world to give voice to a vibrant debate about the most curious issues linked to the group work and vision, assuring the quality and value of the published articles.

Through #Beyond we aim to offer a pertinent reading, that provides the reader with information and inspiration through detailed articles about the market we operate in and much more.

In particular, there are multiple communication opportunities allowed by the magazine: not just simple news about the Group, but case history or trend articles about the exhibitions and trade shows’ trends, stimulating passionate comparisons, fertile ground for passionate comparisons since always.

Fresh and rich in follow-ups, #Beyond is a box of scripts that becomes the reflection of PROMOADV’s core business.
Competence, creativity and experience are available to everyone in a mix of
sections about different aspects of PROMOADV’s work and life in general.

Here’s the six sections of the global debate:
#BHere#BLeading#BGreen#BCurious e #Bus.

#BHere talks about the specific cities their history, the must-see places and the tradeshow and exhibition they host.
Innovation is the primary focus of #BLeading, a section that puts the accent on the deep changing that is affecting our society and it’s linked to the PROMOADV since the latter is a FACTORY 4.0.
#BGreen is about sustainability, eco-design and everything about a green lifestyle.
#BCreative focuses on creativity, art, culture and architecture.
The Group’s vision is contained inside the #BUs section, a container of news about PROMOADV’s activities.
Last but not least, here’s #BCurious, a section about the lighter side of information.

For PROMOADV is essential to look at the future and explore the trends that may have an impact on the world and on its daily activities and to do so it’s vital to offer a communication that sums up its work and produce an echo of its experience.
Knowing the fundamental issues of our market it’s particularly useful for us and for our clients during an era that awaits great changes and never-before-seen scenarios that affects every industry.

We wish to keep on getting better providing you with a useful service.

Don’t forget to look at our website, to visit our social channels and to stay tuned on #Beyond for more follow-ups.